How the Spring Equinox Can Amplify Law of Attraction

There’s no better time than the Spring Equinox to put law of attraction to work and manifest what you truly want. The Equinox is a time of renewal, rebirth and a celebration of the return of light, growth and new beginnings. In many spiritual traditions, it is believed to be a time of powerful energy for manifesting and setting intentions for the coming season. With this in mind, in order to leverage this time of year, you will need to do some work to prepare.

If you are not already practicing daily ways to amplify law of attraction, you may want to start simply with focusing on positive thoughts and feelings, as well as, practicing gratitude and appreciation for all the blessings in your life. The next step is taking the time to gain clarity on what you really want in your life. Spring and summer bring powerful growth energy and this is the perfect time to try out what’s calling you. If you don’t hone in on what you want, your energy can get pulled in different directions and it you can end up feeling overwhelmed.

Many cultures hold ceremonies and rituals to honor this time of year and connect with nature and the divine. By incorporating this idea, you can customize your own ceremony and rituals that will help you take action towards your goals and dreams.

  • Plant seeds! It’s a symbolic way to ceremoniously bless each seed with the dream/goal that you would like to manifest. Nurture and care for the seeds and watch them grow. This act gives you a daily reminder of what you intend to grow in your life.
  • Create an alter. Make a space that is dedicated to your new intentions and goals. Decorate it with items that remind you of these goals.
  • Journal Daily. Don’t get overwhelmed with this idea. Journaling does not need to be a 2 page endeavor. Even if you only write a couple of sentences, like what you are thankful for, or an inspiring quote that you found. This simple step can be key in setting the mood for your whole day.
  • Try Peace Bathing with Anne Tucker. If you are looking for angelic guidance and support, I highly recommend this. “Each monthly channeled group session is created by the Angels to work with the current energies you are experiencing in your life, helping you to fully embrace and move through the depth of healing that is available to you in your life experiences.”

Finally, take action towards your goals and dreams. When you combine positive thoughts, feelings, gratitude, and action, you are creating powerful energy to amplify the Law of Attraction. Happy manifesting my friends!

Self Love = Self Care: Why putting yourself first can save your life

Why do we wait to take care of ourselves last? If our kids need their wellness check, we are johnny on the spot.  If our car needs a tune-up, we find time on our busy calendar. We know that if we neglect upkeep on our vehicle, it will break down and be much costlier than to simply keep up on the maintenance. While our bodies are not made up of steel and oil, we do share the need to practice preventative health care and get our wellness tune-ups. Otherwise, neglecting this type of self-care can, over time, result in a health crisis.

Let’s overcome this resistance and give yourself the gift of time & health

1)     Remember that the gift of time is not just making time to care for yourself, but it’s also the gift of longevity. We can make the choice of going into our golden years mobile and healthy by taking time to exercise, eat healthy and listening to our body. If we can’t participate fully and live vibrantly, we miss out on active experiences like traveling, biking, hiking, and running after the grandkids.

2)     Stop putting off tomorrow what can be done today. We say to ourselves, I don’t have enough time in the day to schedule self-care & wellness appointments. Do you mean to say that your family, friends, co-workers, boss would rather you come down with a serious illness and be out for weeks vs. taking an hour out of your week to see a wellness practitioner? I’m thinking that everyone would prefer the hour of preventive care over the days/weeks of recovering from an illness scenario.

3)     Create your own self-care fund. If you have money set aside for out of pocket care, you will feel much less resistant to using it for wellness appointments.

4)     Talking about money, you’ll save some green! We know it is a whole lot cheaper to spend $60 – $150 for holistic health checks than waiting for our bodies to buckle under chronic stress, anxiety, digestive issues and more. Leaving chronic stress unchecked for several years results in high blood pressure, heart conditions and other serious illnesses which rack up the medical bills.

Putting yourself first, in this case, is a gift for you and a gift for those who love you and want you to live a long happy life on this earth. In the end, our health is most important because all the material goods and money in the world is of no use if we are not able bodied to enjoy it!
To go along with the theme of wellness tune-ups, I have started offering a new “Bio-Energy Healing Tune-Up Session”. This session is for returning clients and is a follow-up 60-minute energy rebalancing appointment. This is perfect for clients who have already completed the Bio-Energy Healing series and are ready for an energy tune up. The session effectively releases blocked energy due to stress, anxiety, work-life balance, restless sleep and more which alleviates physical pain, increases mental clarity, and provides emotional grounding. Contact me for details or book an individual session now if you are ready for a tune-up!

Bio-Energy Healing Workshop: February 23rd @6:30pm

Rebalance, Receive and Heal in a 60 minute Bio-Energy Healing Workshop.

You are invited to a 1 hour online Bio-Energy Healing Workshop coming up on February 23rd from 6:30pm-7:30pm. Be sure to register early as attendance is limited to 12 people to ensure that everyone gets a chance to participate.

As a Bio-Energy Healing Therapist, I work with one’s life energy field and act as a conduit of universal energy. Using a variety of hand techniques, I clear, change, and balance the energy field, restoring the normal flow of qi. Once the energy fields (chakras) are cleared and flowing, the body is once again able to heal on its own. Individual sessions are great for focusing on specific ailments and is the best method for addressing illness. However, group healings have an added benefit of the group energy as a collective. “When two or more are gathered for healing it’s possible to access higher realms of consciousness that one can’t get to by themselves.” During our session on Thursday, we’ll have a collective intention, breathe together, and go through a healing of each chakra.

For planning purposes, please answer the following before we meet on Thursday:

Describe your intention for our time together. This could be general in nature (i.e. I intend that my health, mind, body, and spirit are thriving) or more specific to a main concern you have (i.e. I intend that my lower back is immediately healed and that my health, mind, body, and spirit are thriving). Please send this to me directly at [email protected]

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to me directly by emailing: [email protected]

6 Ways to Raise Your Vibration & Attract Love Into Your Life

We haven’t crossed into the month of February, yet walking into your local grocery store you can see that “love is in the air” with featured chocolate and wine displays. Valentines Day is often a holiday that you either love or hate depending on your relationship status. For some it’s a stark reminder that they have lost their partner or not yet found one. It can evoke feelings of loneliness and lead you to question your self-worth. I propose that we change this holiday into one we can all embrace by fostering compassion and love for ourselves which naturally raises our energetic vibration.

As energetic beings, we tend to have a much easier time hovering in the neutral to low range. It takes practice and effort to stay at a higher vibrational level. One of the reasons it’s such a challenge, is most of us have a jerky inner voice that whispers in our ear criticizing our behavior and physical appearance. However, we can tame that inner voice through intentional practices and discover self-compassion and love.

Here are 6 Ways to Raise Your Vibration & Attract Love Into Your Life

  1. Stop and pay attention to your inner voice. Do you find that you are often criticizing and beating yourself up over mistakes or imperfections? The act of recognizing this is the first step to changing this behavior. Every time you catch your inner voice being critical, this is your chance to redirect this negative talk and reframe your approach in a kind and loving manner.
  2. Journaling or writing a letter to yourself as if you would talk to and show compassion to a friend. Journaling on a daily basis is a great habit to stay in touch with your feelings and I would encourage you to take it a step further by adding the practice of forgiving yourself and including compassion for missteps or feelings of insecurity. For instance, if you are angry that you haven’t been exercising as regularly as you know you should, pretend that a friend is confiding to you about that same topic. How would you respond? You wouldn’t add insult to injury and make them feel bad. You most likely would tell them it’s okay and give them a pep talk and words of encouragement.
  3. Asking what it is you need. We tend to put everyone else’s needs in front of our own and forget that we have our own needs that we are neglecting. This neglect plays into the feeling of not feeling worthy. Use intention to carve out time to do things that are important to you and fill your bucket. Set up time on your calendar with reminders and block an hour out to take time for yourself to garden, paint, write, play music whatever it is that gives you passion. Everyone can find 1 hour out of the week and as you practice this, you may find multiple days that you can carve out time.
  4. Meditate to loves vibrational frequency of 528 Hz and focus on your hearts connection to our natural world and divine spirituality.  Many meditation apps & YouTube have a variety of options to choose from. Explore the variations and find your favorite one to integrate into your meditation practice on a regular basis.
  5. Drink in your own love every morning. Take your glass of water between your hands and focus your intention of love into that glass of water. Visualize a beam of love from your heart going directly into the glass you are holding and then drink it. This one is very simple and easy to incorporate each day.
  6. Practice Positive Affirmations. It doesn’t matter how silly it makes you feel to think about gazing deeply into your own eyes and telling yourself that you are worthy and you love yourself. Affirmations really work when you practice them on a daily basis. There are a myriad of authors you can find on meditation apps, spotify and youtube that teach daily affirmation practice. Find one that resonates with you and stick with it.

I’d recommend starting with 2 or 3 steps that you think you can most easily integrate into your schedule. The last thing you want to do is get overwhelmed and feel stressed about incorporating too many new practices all at once. If you find yourself feeling like you need a kick-start to addressing your energy level and releasing emotional blockages, I’d be happy to talk with you. Bioenergy Healing is very effective at addressing stress, anxiety, depression and the physical ailments that are triggered by these emotional blocks. Book a free 15 minute consultation with me: to learn more.