Self Love = Self Care: Why putting yourself first can save your life

Why do we wait to take care of ourselves last? If our kids need their wellness check, we are johnny on the spot.  If our car needs a tune-up, we find time on our busy calendar. We know that if we neglect upkeep on our vehicle, it will break down and be much costlier than to simply keep up on the maintenance. While our bodies are not made up of steel and oil, we do share the need to practice preventative health care and get our wellness tune-ups. Otherwise, neglecting this type of self-care can, over time, result in a health crisis.

Let’s overcome this resistance and give yourself the gift of time & health

1)     Remember that the gift of time is not just making time to care for yourself, but it’s also the gift of longevity. We can make the choice of going into our golden years mobile and healthy by taking time to exercise, eat healthy and listening to our body. If we can’t participate fully and live vibrantly, we miss out on active experiences like traveling, biking, hiking, and running after the grandkids.

2)     Stop putting off tomorrow what can be done today. We say to ourselves, I don’t have enough time in the day to schedule self-care & wellness appointments. Do you mean to say that your family, friends, co-workers, boss would rather you come down with a serious illness and be out for weeks vs. taking an hour out of your week to see a wellness practitioner? I’m thinking that everyone would prefer the hour of preventive care over the days/weeks of recovering from an illness scenario.

3)     Create your own self-care fund. If you have money set aside for out of pocket care, you will feel much less resistant to using it for wellness appointments.

4)     Talking about money, you’ll save some green! We know it is a whole lot cheaper to spend $60 – $150 for holistic health checks than waiting for our bodies to buckle under chronic stress, anxiety, digestive issues and more. Leaving chronic stress unchecked for several years results in high blood pressure, heart conditions and other serious illnesses which rack up the medical bills.

Putting yourself first, in this case, is a gift for you and a gift for those who love you and want you to live a long happy life on this earth. In the end, our health is most important because all the material goods and money in the world is of no use if we are not able bodied to enjoy it!
To go along with the theme of wellness tune-ups, I have started offering a new “Bio-Energy Healing Tune-Up Session”. This session is for returning clients and is a follow-up 60-minute energy rebalancing appointment. This is perfect for clients who have already completed the Bio-Energy Healing series and are ready for an energy tune up. The session effectively releases blocked energy due to stress, anxiety, work-life balance, restless sleep and more which alleviates physical pain, increases mental clarity, and provides emotional grounding. Contact me for details or book an individual session now if you are ready for a tune-up!